Sergio Arreguin

  • Hometown: Chicago, Illinois
  • Tattooing Since: May 2009
  • Favorite Tattooers: Jesse Smith, Nikko Hurtado, and Jose Lopez.


Sergio Arreguin is not one to back down from a challenge. Whether it’s a tattoo just beyond his comfort zone or a seemingly career ending injury, he faces each with a determined mindset to come out on top. Sergio began his tattoo career in 2005, inspired by artists like Jesse Smith, Jose Lopez, and Nikko Hurtado. If you are not familiar with those names,…it means he has the highest high standards for himself and is aiming for the sky.

Early on in his tattoo career, this Chicago native was pulled back out of it by a car accident that left him nearly paralyzed. He was unable to work at full capacity and the experience left his ability to continue tattooing in jeopardy. Not willing to let this setback stop him from a career as a tattoo artist, Sergio worked tirelessly to overcome this obstacle. A year after the accident, he was back in the studio. Determination and physical therapy helped Sergio regain his movement and his creative mind was free to explore tattooing once more.

His signature tattoos are seamlessly blended with stylized imagery and color themes that bring each piece to life. He has a knack for realism as well as a flair for soft flowing floral work, watercolor tattoos, embellished skulls, and beautifully rendered black and grey. Each piece highlights his knowledge of thoughtful color matching, smooth blends, and shading that adds depth and realism to the art.

When he’s not working at the shop, Sergio says he keeps busy maintaining his saltwater aquarium at home, kicking some serious Bingo ass at the local VFW, and playing bridge on the weekends. (NOTE: If you want to find out if any of that is true, you’ll have to ask him when you are in his chair).

Come in to Grinn & Barrett Tattoo Studio and check out his portfolio on this site. Stop in or call to book a consultation or appointment.


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Testimonials (11)

  • Great artist with a vision. Personable guy – enjoyable to talk to for a couple of hours. Takes GREAT PRIDE in his work and appears to be a perfectionist. YOU are not getting out of the chair until HE is satisfied…that’s a good thing!

    - Fred from Sidney, NE
  • All I can say about this guy is trust him! I came in with a design and Sergio ran with it, creating a tattoo completely unique that expresses perfectly the idea I had in mind. The man is an artist, a master of his trade. He loves what he does, and it definitely shows! I’ll be going back :)

    - Quinn
  • Sergio is an AMAZING artist. I’ve gotten two tattoos from him so far ( and many more to come) The first one I just gave him an idea of what i wanted and he freehanded an awesome design that was exactly what i was looking for. The second piece i brought him, he personalized with a Sergio touch and it was the best work Ive ever gotten so far. He has a light touch that makes the process even better. If you are looking for awesome color designs I’d HIGHLY recommend him. He’s one of the best there is.

    - Kadi
  • Sergio is most definitely my tattoo artist from now on! I went in for a tattoo that would cover my upper arm and knew it wouldn’t be an easy feat because I am picky and wanted it to be perfect. NO disappointment! A peacock has immense detail and Sergio took his time and made this piece a beautiful work of art. I would recommend his work to anyone who was looking for a great tattoo.

    - Faith
  • Before Sergio was at G&B, he retouched one of my tattoos that had been messed up by the original tattoo artist (NOT Sergio). Sergio was absolutely passionate about my tattoo. Instead of treating it like a plain old touch up, he saw potential. Not only did he make it look the way I wanted, but surpassed my original vision. I get compliments on it all the time, and not just from Harry Potter fans.

    - Sarah
  • Sergio did my Phoenix tattoo last April and I love it! I am a brown skinned Black women and I thought color was not an option. Sergio made color a reality! My color in my tattoo is beautiful! The orange and red tones are stunning! BEST TATTOO I’ver had! Thanks Sergio!

    - Sonja Jarmon Sayers
  • I first came into the studio nervous as it was my first tattoo. I described what I wanted. Sergio not only seen my vision of what I wanted but he also nailed it out of the ballpark. He was patient and gave breaks as it was my first tattoo. I definitely will be coming back for the next one.

    - Jenn
  • I have two tats bone by this artist and both are excellent. He so good that third tat is in the works. During my second tat, I almost fell asleep.

    - Jay
  • I loved my birds that you did this past weekend! You did such a great job and I will be scheduling to come in for you to fix my other birds I had previously. Thanks so much!

    - Lyndsay
  • I love my shaggy and scooby that he had done

    - Becca
  • Sergio did my half sleeve and working on my leg sleeve.
    He puts a new twist to tattooing. Also, the knowledge Sergio has about tattooing is unreal.
    He really dives into what you are looking for and makes each design personal.

    - Austin

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