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A Cypriot prosecutor has fallen a bid to relax and play a video clip in court of the British teenager included in sexual intercourse from the evening she claims she had been gang raped.

The woman that is 19-year-old whom is not

She retracted best russian bride site reviews her statement 10 times later on while the 12 young Israeli guys who have been arrested relating to the claims returned home after their launch.

The woman’s attorneys state she ended up being pressured by police to improve her statement, but Cypriot authorities highly deny the retraction had been coerced, saying that she volunteered it on paper.

The teenager invested weeks that are four-and-a-half prison before she had been provided bail at the conclusion of August, but cannot keep the area, which will be favored by Uk holidaymakers.

She attained Famagusta District Court in Paralimni on dressed in black and wearing a baseball cap and a scarf to cover her face tuesday. (more…)