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Is sexual interest a medical problem? An experimental medication for females revives a debate that is intense

Cancer therapies should shrink tumors. Diabetes treatments ought to lessen blood sugar levels. Exactly what should culture expect from medications for sexual interest?

When you look at the coming times, the foodstuff and Drug management will determine whether or not to approve an injection designed to increase women’s drive for intercourse. Its demonstrated impacts are modest, however some medical practioners state the medication would fulfill a genuine dependence on lots and lots of ladies. Other people, nevertheless, argue it’s overreach that is simply pharmaceutical another effort that decreases the complexity of individual sex to a collection of quantifiable dots on a chart.

“It’s a mismatch of models,” said Leonore Tiefer, an intercourse specialist whom formerly went the intercourse and sex center at brand New York’s Montefiore infirmary. “They want the vehicle fix model: ‘hi, doctor, I’ve got this carburetor that does work in my n’t vehicle. Might you correct it for me personally without conversing with me?’ It’s laughable.”

The medication, bremelanotide, can be a therapy that is on-demand females with hypoactive sexual interest disorder, or HSDD, that is thought as a upsetting lack of need for sex. And its particular Massachusetts-based maker, AMAG Pharmaceuticals (AMAG), hopes the medication may do for sexual interest just exactly what Viagra did for impotence problems. (more…)