Grinn and Barrett was founded in 1991 and is noted as one of the first tattoo studios in Omaha. In December of 2012, Grinn and Barrett relocated to a new, stand-alone building which was formerly a US post office. The building was empty and in disrepair from many years of neglect. With the help of some friends and a lot of hours and elbow grease, the building was completely refurbished and out, creating a studio that is now a spacious and creative epicenter for ink and art. Adding to the allure of the building, a massive repurposed vintage neon sign was added to illuminate the street and direct traffic to the shop, adding to the ongoing revitalization of the well-established business district of Leavenworth St. In fact, Grinn and Barrett was awarded the “Neighborhood Improvement Award” from the Midtown Business Association for their efforts in restoring the building and encouraging economic growth in the area.

Grinn and Barrett caters to their hometown clients with lots of love and extends that same Mid-Western hospitality to a variety of out of town clients and guest artists. Local art is displayed on the walls of the shop and art receptions and exhibitions are scheduled throughout the year. The shop has been awarded “Best of the Big O” by the Reader Magazine and “Best of Omaha” by Omaha Magazine.

The staff and artists at Grinn and Barrett friendly, helpful, and fiercely talented. Clients feel welcome and taken care of from the moment they walk through the doors. Clients can bring in an image or an idea, or they can work one-on-one with the artist of their choice to design a unique custom piece that comes to life either in brilliant, lasting color or classic black and grey.

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Testimonials (51)

  • This is by far the finest studio I’ve been to in the Midwest. It’s immaculately clean, and the award winning artists there do amazing custom work! They actually take the time to get to know you, and design a tattoo just for you. No wonder they were voted “Best of Omaha,” they go above and beyond and I’ll never go anywhere else for my artwork.

    - fairiedustchic
  • I just wanted to thank you again for my beautiful tattoo! It was a wonderful (and only slightly painful) experience. I will definitely be back!

    - Shelly
  • I only have one tattoo (from Grinn & Barrett), but I absolutely love it! The colors are vibrant, the quality is amazing, it’s everything I was hoping for! I came in with an idea of what I wanted, and they drew me a sketch…it wasn’t exactly what I was thinking, but actually better! It healed up quickly and they gave great instructions on care. I will definitely go back for my next tattoo!

    - Jessica C.
  • My favorite tattoo shop in Omaha, hands down! Jen does awesome work and runs a tight ship! She did wings on my back and almost 3 years later they are still looking amazing! Bright and colorful! My boyfriend was tattooed by Jeremiah while he was still an apprentice – we were amazed at the quality of work! These guys actually care about what they do and they remember faces and tattoos! Great staff, safe & comfortable tattooing experience, amazing work

    - Jen H.
  • They made my first tattoo an amazingly relaxed and easy experience.

    - Leslie H.
  • I really like Grinn and Barrrett because you can absolutely count on them for an all around great experience. The artwork is amazing, but equally important is the fact that you can feel comfortable being there (well as comfortable as you can be expected!) Really though, the whole staff seems to understand that a great tattoo is more than just putting needle to skin. When you go there you’ll see. And you’ll love your tattoo even more for it.

    - Penny B.
  • Always have, always will.

    - haphsaph
  • Grinn and Barrett is awesome, Jen is the best and everyone else in the shop is very friendly. The shop itself is very clean. I went in to have an old tattoo enhanced, with more colors and just make it “pop” more and I love it. I disliked the original tattoo for a couple of years now, and now I absolutely love it and it’s my favorite. I am definitely going back to her if I ever want another tattoo!!!! I highly recommend them!!!!

    - Dawn R.
  • They are a very professional and yet accommodating to any request. The facility is clean and puts you at ease the minute you walk in the door.

    - Matthew B.
  • Grinn & Barrett not only is a world famous tattoo parlor, but a long standing parlor in Omaha. The first made an impression on me back in 1997 when I was stationed here the first time with the U.S. Air Force. Being in the military, I had been many places and seen many tattoo parlors. This one stood out to me. When I first went there, I was impressed with the fact that they didn’t do piercings. This was solely because they wanted to focus on the artwork at the time. Although times change, and people have to get with them, and do what is good for the business, years later some things haven’t changed. No matter the fact that they do great piercings at Grinn & Barrett, they still focus on great artwork, and great tattoos. They aren’t one of these, how many people can we get in, get a piece of flash tattooed on them, get their money and get them out the door parlors. They develop relationships with their customers. They appreciate them, and it shows in how they treat people and the artwork they bestow upon them. The owner, Jen Beirola, not only has great customer service but is a true artist. She surrounds herself with similar great artists that truly believe in the medium of skin art. To say that they are simply a tattoo parlor would be an injustice. They are more of an art studio, simply with their work being on other things then paper. Whereas they don’t work with oil paints or water colors, this matters little. Their talent and knowledge shows through with every piece of work they do. As you can see i may be slightly biased to this parlor, but I assure you it is based on years experience with the artwork of tattoos, and a vast knowledge of other parlors around the globe. I cannot suggest and recommend Grinn & Barrett enough. I have heard many good reviews of many parlors around Omaha, but this one I can tell you is a cut above the rest.

    - wahya4519
  • Grinn & Barrett is a clean and airy environment, so unlike the typical parlors of the past, and unfortunately present in many cases. The shop has a comfortable and pleasant waiting area and spacious booths for the work. The artwork is done with care for what you want, and of the highest quality. Since Jen has done her first piece for me, I travel along with my wife to Omaha when I want more ink, or catch up with Jen on her travels to conventions closer to me. My wife and I have had extensive work done by G&B and will continue to do so.

    - shoveled
  • Grinn and Barrett Tattoo is amazing. I went there for my second tattoo, and I really wish I had gone there for my first. I don’t think I would ever recommend going anywhere else.

    - tomtomato
  • This is the place to go! I had a fantastic experience! My artist was Jen. She listened to my idea and drew exactly what I wanted. I love it, the color is so bright! The studio is very clean and has a great atmosphere.

    - Andrea402
  • Grinn & Barrett is the best tattoo shop I’ve been to (and I’ve been to a few). The shop is bright and clean, the staff is friendly and Jen does AMAZING work. I have 3 tattoos from her and I love them all. They are colorful and she comes up with ideas and sketches that are personalized for YOU. I can’t express enough how much I love her work….but I can say this, I only want Jen to tattoo me…I think that says a lot about what I think of her designs and skill as a tattoo artist. By far THE BEST!!! Thanks Jen! ;)

    - Wendy
  • Grinn and Barret, is the best shop I have been too. I have only got tattoos there. Jeremiah does really good work. I will go to him in the future for more work. He has a really good attitude as well as everyone else in the shop. I tell him what i want and he always draws up bad ass pictures for me. If I am not tottally sure he will still draw something that will flow with the the tattoo that you already have. By the way Mary is piercing my septum Monday. Im kind of nervous because I heard it hurts realllllllllly bad to get your septum pierced. But she is very nice and with the teachings of Jen she will do an amazing job doing my septum and future piercings on me and other people.

    - dave
  • All my work by Jen has been meticulously done and drop-dead gorgeous. I will never go anywhere else.

    - Gini
  • I wanted to extend my thanks and gratitude to Jeremiah and all of your professional staff.

    I could not be more pleased with their friendliness and knowledge with what they do and how they handled my Endeavour. It was my first tattoo experience as well as the first time ever being in a tattoo facility and I will definitely carry the experience with me the rest of my life. I would also like to mention the fact that I appreciated how clean and well kept your facility was. As a professional myself, cleanliness is very important to me and is what separated you from the others that I had evaluated to do my work.

    Jeremiah was a pleasure to work with and was very accommodating to all of my request and NAILED exactly what I wanted with my full back piece. I have brilliant color still and have had NO scabbing or scaring AT ALL. He was quick and precise and very fair with the cost.

    I could not be more pleased with my experience and will share with all my colleagues my positive experience and will be back for more work in the near future.

    Best Regards,
    Jeffrey Grigsby

    - Jeffrey Grigsby
  • Just wanted to say thank you Jen and her wonderful staff. I had a great time getting our “mom & daughter” tats done by you. You have a great sense of scale and class! Your shop too is by far the best that I have been too. I am sure you will be the “best of Omaha” for years to come. Wishing you all a great year! Thanks again, Patti and Britt

    - Patti and Britt
  • Clean, cool, professional. Great customer service. It is obvious that jen genuinely cares about her customers and the art she gives them. If you want your money’s worth….this is the place.

    - Lori
  • Are you kidding? Don’t go anywhere else. If you are a Veteran, definitely don’t go anywhere else. This place is owned by a Vet and staffed with fantastic artist’s. Tina beat up my arm for 6 hours and I want to skin it and put it in the Marine corps Museum when I die. Thanks again Tina. You rock. Jen knows how to make you feel good about coming here and Meredith is definitely savy on the buisness end. I can’t say enough. I’m going back for more.

    - mike
  • One of the things on my 50th birthday bucket list was a tattoo. Being my first tattoo I did not want to leave such a milestone event up to just anybody. I ran across Grinn & Barrett in a Google search and found they had won several local awards, had great testimonials and it appeared they took tattoos seriously. I visited the shop and was very impressed. The decor was very modern, the people were great and they had many examples of their work displayed. The shop was also SPOTLESS. Sanitation was a concern for me. Mine was a very simple tattoo but Erik was very aware this was my first one. He made me feel very comfortable and explained the processes thoroughly. Erik was very engaging and did an awesome job on my tattoo! I could tell he took his craft very seriously. He was an artist who got in the tattoo business and not the other way around. I asked him why he chose G&B and he said Jen and company treat him like family. They are also very involved in developing their artists . My kinda place! I will go nowhere else and would highly recommend G&B to anyone else! Thanks for a great experience Erik. FINS UP!

    - Randy Sundby
  • I just got my first tattoo today by Erik. I was so nervous because I really did not know what to expect. Erik was great, he made me feel calm by talking me through it and asking me questions to keep my mind off of the pain. I love my tattoo. I went in the week before and told Erik what I was thinking about doing and he went beyond what I had imagined. I will definitely go back to Erik in the future. It was a great first experience.

    Thanks Erik!!!

    - Belinda
  • Thanks Jen for my lovely little piece that you did for me over here in NZ at the Tattoo Festival, I am really happy with it. Hope you travels go well and you get some good diving in! Great tattooist with a lovely sense of style. We may have to organise a trip to the states…..

    - AnnetteNewZealand
  • My son Cody went to Grinn & Barrett and got his 1st tattoo by Jeremiah and he did a GREAT job…… Great place to go. I would come back in a heartbeat……

    - Cari & Cody Schwarck
  • I had my first tattoos done here recently and love the place, they are a great group of folks; they made it a great place to hang out while I waited to get the ink. Love this Place and will recommend to everyone.

    - Allan W.
  • Thank you Jen for a BEAUTIFUL job on my David Bolt Tat…I was so fortunate to have been able to get an appointment with you when I was visiting Omaha…Alaska can only dream of having an artist like you. When I return I will be sure to add more of your talent to my skin!

    - Pattie Yates
  • What a great experience! Jeremiah did my second piece on about two days ago and it is better than I had hoped. Even my wife who was not so into me getting more work done is happy with the piece and that’s something that I never expected. The shop was great and I had an awesome time chatting with the entire staff. G&B was recommended by my coworker and I will be recommending to everyone. Now I have to get the wife on board for another piece and I know she will be more willing now that she knows how great G&B is at their art. Thanks a million.

    - Jason
  • Just got a tattoo from Erik the other day that he and I had been kickin around for awhile in between other tats I was getting. I’m glad I finally buckled down and got it, as it is one of my absolute favorites. Erik is an outstanding artist and is intensely focused on YOUR satisfaction. Love these artists, y’all. Cant go wrong with any of them.

    - Chad
  • Best place to go to get your tattoo. Easy going, super friendly, and a clean facility.

    - Melissa
  • I just got my second tattoo from G&B and it turned out better than expected….for a second time! I’m always recommending this place to my friends. If ever I decide it’s time for another one, G&B will be it. Very friendly and clean environment. Jen did my first one, and Jeremiah did my second one. They turned out awesome both times!

    - Bret
  • I just wanted to express my gratitude towards all of you! Every tattoo and piercing you have done for me has been professional and such an amazing and enjoyable experience. My latest tattoo, from Erik, was in memorial to the loss of my baby…and I couldn’t have felt more comfortable in his artistic hands. He gave me a beautiful tattoo that I will cherish forever and that means the world to me…like all my tattoos! You guys are all amazing and can’t wait to be back soon!

    - Melissa Abresch
  • Jeremiah is AWESOME….. He did a tattoo of my son’s 11pt buck on his rib/stomach… He did a GREAT job… So worth the 3 hr drive…. Thanks Jeremiah….

    Cari & Cody -Iowa

    - Cari & Cody
  • Ive gotten a few tattoos before but when it came time to get a portrait of my grandfather done I didnt want just any tattoo artist to do it. This wasnt just any tattoo this was a tribute to a man I idolized and looked up to my whole life. So when I started looking around I immediately knew that I wanted Jen to do it after seeing her amazing portrait work. Let me tell you she did such a great job, and shes so fantastic I hardly felt it. I have gotten so many compliments on how great the tattoo came out. Its like the picture was printed on my arm. I am very satified with my piece, and I highly recommend Jen.

    - Amber
  • Grinn is the best tattoo shop in Omaha. Jen and the crew are professional, yet make you feel at home as well. I am on my third tattoo from them, and have no plans to go to another shop. If your looking great tattoos, and a place that won’t make you feel out of place, Grinn and Barrett is for you. Thank you for everything you guys do for the Omaha tattoo community. None compare

    - Michael W
  • I received my first tattoo from Katie, and she did a fantastic job. She took her time and wanted to make sure it was exactly what I wanted. It turned out perfectly. I highly recommend Grinn & Barrett. They are extremely friendly and welcoming.

    - Brittany
  • Grinn and Barrett is the only tattoo shop I would go to. I travel from New Jersey just to see Jen. So far she has done a 1/2 sleeve and 3 smaller pieces and they are all awesome. Everyone here is very talented, very friendly, and most importantly very professional. None of the artists have any hint of an attitude. The shop has a very relaxed atmosphere. For the quality of work their prices are extremely reasonable.
    I’ve been to other shops in New York City, New Jersey, and Connecticut where I got a bad vibe and wouldn’t have felt comfortable getting tattooed. I can’t say enough about how good this place is. I’m a customer for life.

    - Jersey John
  • Had a great experience at g&b… loved the studios cleanliness and overall appeal… my first contact with eric left me very impressed and he did my tattoo… he’s a phenomenal artist and i was very pleased with the work… the greatest thing about g&b though, was the professionalism of the staff… I’m gonna schedule more art real soon… thanks g&b

    - tyrone h.
  • I love G&B. The staff is great and so is Miss Jen. I’ve gotten inked by Katie, Miss Jen & Erik so far. You’re next Jeremiah… Lol. Miss Jen did a Dragon & Howling Wolf for me, Katie did a Cross on my lower back, a Fleur-de-lis & a Phoenix and Erik did a Cross on my upper left shoulder blade…. all of them kicks butt. I’m gonna schedule a cover-up next, I’m just working on an idea. See Ya soon G&B :D

    - Chata D.
  • Grinn & Barrett rocks. Everyone was genuine, friendly and in good moods. Which is just good business, but is more than I can say for other parlors. I came in, showed ‘em what I wanted, they got me in a chair and knocked it out; and the work turned our better than I had hope. No nonsense tattoo work…love it!

    - sean bradrick
  • Grinn & Barrett rocks. Everyone was genuine, friendly and in good moods. Which is just good business, but is more than I can say for other parlors. I came in, showed ‘em what I wanted, they got me in a chair and knocked it out; and the work turned out better than I had hoped. No nonsense tattoo work…love it!

    - sean bradrick
  • Working with Jen on my sleeve in progress and couldn’t be happier. The shop is the cleanest in Omaha hands down. Her staff are all personable and accommodating. Jen has such a keen eye for size and detail and will only tattoo what she truly believes will look great on the skin. I cannot wait to get back in there again to see her but also look forward to the journey of getting my piece completed.

    - Jim
  • I recommend G&B to everyone. The staff was friendly and very professional. Jeremiah was at the front desk and was very helpful while I waited to see Ms. Jen. The new location and building is wonderful, the staff did a great job on the old building. I stopped by to have Jen draw up the female Buddha of compassion. After talking with me, Jen knew how important this Tat was. Jen did a masterful job, she is truly a master at her craft. Thank you Jen. Hope your pup gets better real soon.

    - Robert Ryan
  • I always recommend Grinn and Barrett to Everyone! Its so clean and all the Artists are great! Just got a tattoo by CJ and he did an Amazing job! I will always come and get any work done here!! Thanks G&B :)

    - Jen Schultz
  • Jen and staff at Grinn And Barrett are pros at their work wanted a portrait done and found Jen on Google and was highly recommended by a friend for portrait work. Thanks Jen for the great work at a fair price.

    - kevin
  • I had my first tattoo done by Jerimiah and he did an awesome job!!! I was a little nervous because it was my first one but he made me feel relaxed and the cross on my arm couldn’t look any better!!!! Will definaly be back

    - Schuyler Hemphill
  • Another great experience with Jen and her folks; love the new place and vibe. Had the pleasure of having it done by Jen this time and she is amazing… absolutely love the place and working on the next idea to have Jen put on my left arm.

    - Allan w
  • The last tattoo I received was in 1966 in Hawaii before going to Viet Nam. 49 years later, Jen gave me a wonderful piece of art that I proudly wear. Thank you for this experience.
    Fair winds and following seas.

    - Gordon
  • Thinking my first tattoo was going to be terrible, it came to be easier than I first thought! Jeremiah did a wonderful job on my tattoo, and I made sure to tip him decently well for it!

    - Thomas
  • This place is awesome! Went there for my first tattoo & was a little nervous but it went smoother than I could have ever imagined! It turned out beautiful & im in love with it! Thank you Grinn and Barrett

    - Grace
  • Shout out to Jeremiah. ….thank you for the great work that you do. Fourth time in and each tattoo you’ve captured each meaning. To the rest of the group, your amazing as well. I will be back.

    - Mary
  • My husband came in earlier today and got a raven and moon tattoo! It! Is! Awesome! Not only will myself and daughter be coming coming back for a tattoo, but Kevin will be coming again in 3 weeks for some more. Thank you! Jeremiah was awesome!!

    - Noelle

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